Optometrist report #1020

Optometrist report #1020

Dear Larti eyes friends, there is another Larti eyes customer full eye test report to share with.

Our customer noticed her eyes were very red and watery and her vision became very blurry. She is a contact lens wearer for almost 5 years and wear contact lens for prolonged hours , 10-12 ⏰hours per day.  For the first time ever, her eyes were feeling sandy and couldn’t tolerate long hours of contact lens wear anymore. Hence, she came to have full eye test with our optometrist for checking further. Lastly she was diagnosed with contact lens-related superficial punctate keratitis.

☘️Here are some recommendations to our friends not to wear contact lens for prolonged hours which could increase the  ⚠️risk of infection ⚠️  unless such contact lens is designated for “extended wear contact lens” and doctor’s instructions.

Larti eyes,
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