What is my face shape?
To determine your face shape and which eyeglass styles will look best on you, pull your hair away from your face and look directly into a mirror. Take a close look at the overall shape and contours of your face and head.
Here are the seven primary face shapes and the type of eyeglass frames that look best on each shape:

Round face shape

A round face shape has curved lines with the width and length in the same proportions and no angles.
To make a round face appear thinner and longer, try angular narrow eyeglass frames to lengthen the face.
Frames with a clear bridge and rectangular frames that are wider than they are deep also can be good choices.

Square face shape
A square face shape has a strong jaw and a broad forehead, and the width and length of the face have roughly the same proportions.
To make a square face look longer and soften its angles, try narrow frame styles, frames that have more width than depth, and narrow ovals.

Oval face shape

An oval face shape is considered to be ideal because of its balanced proportions.
To maintain the natural balance of an oval face shape, look for eyeglass frames that are as wide as (or wider than) the broadest part of the face.
Walnut-shaped frames that are not too deep or narrow are a very good choice.
Oblong(Rectangle) face shape
An oblong face shape is longer than it is wide and has a long, straight cheek line.
To make an oblong face appear shorter and more balanced, try frames that have more depth than width.
Frames with decorative or contrasting temples also add width to the face.

Diamond face shape
Diamond-shaped faces are narrow at the forehead and jawline, and have broad cheekbones that may be high and dramatic. This is the rarest face shape.
To highlight the eyes and soften the cheekbones, try frames that have detailing or distinctive brow lines. Rimless eyeglasses and frames with oval or cat-eye shapes also can be good choices.

Heart Shaped Face (or Base-up Triangle)

A heart shaped face looks like a heart or a triangle with the point facing down. The forehead is very wide and cheekbones are high while the face narrows towards the chin. Counterbalance the narrow chin by choosing frames that are wider at the bottom. Generally, light colored and rimless frames work best, although aviator, butterfly and low-triangle styles also work well.

Base-down triangle

A base-down triangular face shape has a narrow forehead and widens at the cheek and chin areas.
To add width and emphasize the narrow upper third of the face, try frames that are heavily accented with color and detailing on the top half (brow) of the frame.
Frames with cat-eye shapes also can be good choices.


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