Duducon Series - Swan Grey ( 1 Pcs )

RM 34.95

饾摀饾摼饾摥饾摼饾摤饾摳饾摲 饾摙饾摦饾摶饾摬饾摦饾摷 @

饾惙饾憱饾懀饾憭 饾憱饾憶饾憽饾憸 饾惡饾憴饾憥饾憵饾憸饾憿饾憻:  饾憜饾懁饾憥饾憶 饾惡饾憻饾憭饾懄馃嗮煉︷潗吼潙掟潙 饾憥 饾憹饾憥饾憱饾憻 饾憸饾憮 饾懁饾憥饾憽饾憭饾憻饾懄 饾憭饾懄饾憭饾憼馃憗锔

馃彿Diameter: 14.5mm

馃彿Colour: grey / brown

馃彿Base Curve: 8.6mm

馃彿Power Range: 0-800

馃彿Enlargement: 15.5mm

饾檱饾櫈饾櫌饾櫈饾櫓饾櫄饾櫃 饾檸饾櫓饾櫎饾櫂饾櫊鉂 

饾檴饾櫍饾櫋饾櫘 饾樇饾櫓鉂

馃泿Saradise BDC : Block A2 , same block with Ice Garden

馃泿Vivacity Megamall : Level 1 , opposite Famous Amos

饾檼饾櫄饾櫋饾櫂饾櫎饾櫌饾櫄 饾櫖饾櫇饾櫀饾櫓饾櫒饾櫀饾櫏饾櫏 饾櫔饾櫒 饾櫍饾櫎饾櫖鉂

鈽庰潙饾挅饾挃饾挄饾拹饾拵饾拞饾挀 饾懞饾拞饾挀饾挆饾拪饾拕饾拞鈾

Apple : 0111-6196711

Anna : 0111-6199711

 Swan  Grey model 4Swan  Grey model  2Swan  Grey model  3

馃摑 Term and condition :

馃搶We will not be responsible for the unsatisfactory of the lens due to color difference. Models’ pictures may differ due to different locations, lighting, or personal eye color.

馃搶Comfortability of lens depends on personal experience. If you experience issues such as eye dryness, discomfort, loose lens 

馃搶Larti Eyes will provide you appropriate after sales based on your situation such as : 

1st stage: We will help you to do a deep cleaning process  ( OXY-Relife ) 

If condition still persists, then we only can exchange a new 1 pair contact lens (limited 1 time only) 

馃搶 Postage / delivery fees will be fully paid by customer for exchange due to personal wearing experience

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